What is Necessary for Due Diligence to be Prepared?

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This varies by the amount of money being raised and stage of development of the company. I have posted a due diligence checklist on my blog, you can find for full detail.

Any amount over $1M will likely require substantial look into all company officers, financial statements, customer records in addition to review of the company’s business plan and product(s). Expect serious investors to ask about everything you can imagine. And the more open you are, the better. Although VC will likely refuse to sign NDAs as many of these would place too many constraints on them over time, this does allow you to withhold some trade secrets and protect your “secret sauce”. This could be your source code, trade secrets and algorithms or other secrets you do not want to expose to competitors.  This is a big gray area and negotiable, but you should be careful, as VCs are not prevented from investing in your competitors after pulling out of your deal. And they can legally transfer anything they learned without an NDA.

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Typically, investors will ask to see these things as just the first step (Phase I or first visit):

  1. Business plan
  2. Financial statements for your short history in standard GAAP formats, including P & L and balance sheets.
  3. Some proof of any customers and/or revenue received to date
  4. Senior team’s detailed resumes.
  5. Demonstration of your product’s front end and backend if it is a SaaS system that needs administration for examples
  6. Background checks on key officers. Credit checks.

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