John Assaraf, of The Secret fame, and Founder of three Multi-million-dollar businesses interviews Bob Norton on "Ask the Expert".

This interview and testimonial is about starting and scaling businesses from a four-part  series. 

John: " I am sitting here thinking, boy this guy knows a lot, a hell of a lot more than I know about business . . . He knows the processes, systems, the questions to ask . . .  If you want to get your business to $5M, $10M, $20M these are the types of questions you need to learn." 

"I am going to be watching this (interview) video over and over again." Bob is still on retainer by John Assaraf today (8 years later) as an Adviser and Consultant in strategy, company development and technology. 

Lisa S. CEO, Medical Device Company

"The Boot Camp gave me all the information I needed to develop my new company."

"I would recommend any CEO or high level executive that . . wants to think more out of the box . . attend. And have a new vision to run your company."

"A great experience, lots of fun, met some great people . . . "

"Mr. Norton is a true visionary who can also execute. Few people have the ability to do both.
-- General Partner, Investment Banking Firm"

Paul has the distinction of having attended The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp five times.

"Bob made a lot of claims and to my surprise he could back them all up."

"As I saw the quality and depth of material . . . quite dense . . learned a lot and saw others learning a lot. . . Bob's ability to capture it with words and provide powerful visual images . . . not only was it a powerful visual but effective."

"The boot camp was two days . .  and at 5pm on Friday no one had gone home . . ended around 7pm. The people were there due to real interest and need that was fed.  . . . Everybody got something different out of the same presentation." 

"Your gonna love it but it is not going to be easy."

Entire Classroom Poll at Boot Camp End - This was the very first CEO Boot Camp in 2004 - And we get better every year. 

100% of attendees agreed that The CEO Boot Camp would save or make them at least an extra $100,000 in the coming months or year.

"If I had these models years ago I would be many millions of dollar richer. -- Michael K. CEO of PC Security Software Company"

"Very helpful information – my exact purpose was to learn about the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. So this was right on. -- Greg S., President"

"(The Boot Camp) Opened my eyes to many things I do not have a solid understanding about and confirmed much of what I am doing right."

Composite of entire class and individual testimonials from first Nigerian CEO Boot Camp in 2009. 

"I wish I could have had this many years ago before starting my business."

If I had this when I started, I would be far ahead of where I am now."

I think (the Boot Camp) will allow us to quadruple the value we generate in our business plan which we just finished a month ago but will now rework using what we learned here to expand faster