Our Mission

We empower anyone to become an entrepreneur with the only comprehensive training and services eco-system on the planet created entirely by a successful serial entrepreneur who has generated billions in sales and profits. Bob Norton, our Founder, and also a past VP of Engineering and CTO, has collected and organized these principles and systems over 30 years. Our goal is to create millions of new entrepreneurs that will then create millions of new companies globally. And therefore, create tens of millions of new jobs and a higher standard of living in any country. There is no limit to what good entrepreneurs can accomplish changing the world for the better.

We do this with the latest technology in online education which includes a complete Learning Management System (LMS) using on-demand video and a "flipped, hybrid classroom" model so students can get direct access to the course creators for Q & A. And onsume the content on any schedule from intensive to slow.
Comprehensive Eco-System
Many of our teachings are collected from over 1,000 top business books and many more were created and copyrighted by our founder and available nowhere else. And they will all improve your understanding and chances of success. And also speeds up the growth rate of any company while helping you attract capital investment too. Learn all about 30 skills required to build a successful business. Or, if you can commit a full week of time and are a seriously committed entrepreneur or CEO then attend our full CEO Boot Camp certification program. Graduates have said they would be "millions richer", they "I solved problems I have been struggling with for years on the plane ride home", and even "Why didn't they teach me this when I paid $200,000 for my Harvard MBA?" See full agenda and video testimonials here.
Our programs are for aspiring entrepreneurs, existing CEOs and management teams responsible for new products and company launches. The systems, models, checklists, and hacks have been collected, curated and created over 30+ years are available nowhere else. We have found even CEOs with 5+ years' experience do not know at least 50% of this material and hence need these courses for themselves and/or their teams too.

The Entrepreneur's Journey

Entrepreneurship is very hard. Over 85% of new companies and 95% of new products will fail. This almost always is the result of not enough experience on the founding team and overoptimism. Forty-two percent of startups fail because the market they selected does not want their product. An easily avoidable outcome.
Our founder has had a 100% success rate launching new products since 1981. Every product he launched made a profit on a portfolio of over 90 products. Many dominated their market niches. That does not happen by chance, only by skill. There are at least 30 skills that every founding team must do well to survive and prosper. And most entrepreneurs "Don't know what they don't know", resulting in fast or slow failures, bankruptcy, or going sideways for many years. Most will return to a "real job, burned by this traumatic experience and will never return to entrepreneurship. Even though the only way to create real wealth is to create a company with financial leverage and tax deferred compounding equity value at capital gains tax rates. All billionaires know this. Here is a diagram showing the skills needed, and some of our courses, required to launch and scale a significant company:


For guidance on the courses, bundles and services that make sense for your situation call (619) scale06, (619) 722-5306. 9am to 7pm central time usa. We will provide free consultations to guide you to the best learning and development plan for your situation. We even offer a few free courses to see if you are cut out to be an entrepreneur.
Enterprises, business membership organizations, accelerators, incubators and shared workspaces call (619) SCALE06 for wholesale pricing or to join our affiliate program.

We are not an accredited university that offers degrees. We believe the university and education system has fallen behind and not adjusted to the new word of practical, flexible, multimedia, on-demand education to enhance careers and businesses. And we also offer community support and group interaction with other CEOs, Entrepreneurs and C-Level people. As Elon Musk and others have said “I do not care about your degrees”. We provide practical, “How to” training that helps people start and grow businesses based on over thirty years of experience as a Serial Entrepreneur and incorporating the ideas, principles and best practices of hundreds of experts, over 1,000 books and a philosophy of life-long learning. Today everyone needs to dedicate some time to growing and every company needs to support that for all employees too. Or the individual’s skills become obsolete and the companies suffer. Turbo charge your career and business at Entrepreneurship University™, the future of learning.