We currently have six certification programs that are comprehensive course bundles for specific areas of business and job focus. All are strategic level training for managers, executives and CEO/Founders. You can see a comparison of these Certification programs here. In the U.S. these programs are generally tax-deductible, or your company may pay for all or some of the tuition. Jobs and learning are evolving so fast, any professional needs to dedicate some time to ongoing education to maintain their competitiveness and move up in their career. Certification Programs take between three months and twelve months to complete and include on-demand video training, live Q & A and discussion sessions and support. You must complete all course work and some electives and pass an exam to receive your certificate of completion. You will also receive a frameable Certificate of Completion to display on your office wall and advertise that you have completed professional training in this area.

Accredited universities and colleges offer degrees. This is a government rubber stamp that they are a school that meets certain government requirements. Most professional certifications are not from “accredited” schools, but professional training and courses developed for professional development, ongoing and adult learning and evening class while working. Although the quality of these will vary, the online learning market is growing massively every year now and collectively now provides millions of certifications to professionals in virtually every profession annually. For a comparison of our Certification Programs, click here. And to learn how they might differ from college and university programs, click here

Completion of Certifications does many things including preparing you for promotions, showing your peers and superiors that you are a serious professional and up and coming, extending your education into new areas, so you can better communicate with other business departments and divisions and contribute at a higher level. Our certifications and courses are all “Strategy Level” for managers and higher level positions, and those that want to move into management, entrepreneurship and understanding business better.

Certifications that are recommended for 90-day completion, and support allow 120 day access. Advanced Masters of Business Acceleration, CEO Boot Camp allow at least one year of access to all Q & A and discussion calls and support. These are licensed for a single person, though, not multiple people. Please call 619-SCALE06 to get team and enterprise licenses. All tools and models can be used by a single person in their company and remain copyright Entrepreneurship University™.

If you take the course, or at least 50% and do not find that it will impact your business in a massive way that is worth many times the cost, we will give a 100% refund.

You will receive a link by email immediately after payment and register. The Learning Management System (LMS) will track your progress, keep track of where you are and provide all slides, materials and quizzes. It is very easy to use.

Yes. We will provide a 50% credit for any previously purchased courses against the full package of all courses available in The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp

We offer certifications in entrepreneurship, scaling businesses and other levels for each bundle of courses. Certification certificates will be provided on request when a step of course is completed. Note, we are not associated with any university and these are not accredited courses. They are professional certifications.

When we have cohorts of people going through the course, we will provide zoom sessions twice a month. Email or request for the next scheduled time. Generally we are trying to do these on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, around 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM central time. You can also reach customer support at 619-SCALE06 9am to 7pm CT.

This course was built for busy professionals. The Learning Management System (LMS) can be used 24/7 at any speed you like. And all courses and materials are available on day #1 of the program. Bob will lead a 1-hour live Q & A session twice a month in the early evenings around 6pm CT. These will be recorded and available for replay too. Certainly would encourage you to attend all of these live sessions to ask your own questions and meet some of your peers. You can download all slides and print them to take notes, or use any PDF editor software to do that. Most slides are printed 3 per page with space for notes, so you can highlight or star key ideas for your business.

Yes! If your company offers an educational reimbursement program, we highly recommend taking advantage of it. You will be issued an invoice at checkout. In most all cases, the cost of this course should be fully tax-deductible as a business expense.

Currently, we have not yet implemented a multiple payment plan. If you cannot afford this course probably should not be starting a venture. As, anyone doing a new company should have at least six months and preferably 12 months’ worth of personal expenses in the bank in addition to some capital to fund their new company efforts.

Entrepreneurship University is an impact venture created to catalyse entrepreneurship globally through state-of-the-art online training. It offers professional coaching and consulting to a limited number of entrepreneurs. We empower anyone to become an entrepreneur with the only comprehensive training and services ecosystem on the planet created entirely by a successful serial entrepreneur – Bob Norton, who has generated billions in sales and profits.

Our goal is to create millions of new entrepreneurs that will then create millions of new companies globally. And therefore, create tens of millions of new jobs and a higher standard of living in any country. There is no limit to what good entrepreneurs can accomplish, changing the world for the better.

Bob Norton is a long-time Serial Entrepreneur and CEO with four exits that returned over $1 billion to investors. He has trained, coached and advised over 1,000 CEOs since 2002. And is Founder of The CEO Boot Camp™ and Entrepreneurship University™. Mr. Norton works with companies to triple their chances of success in launching new companies and products. And helps established companies scale faster using the six AirTight Management™ systems. And helps companies successfully raise capital.

We provide the courses with the latest technology in online education which includes a complete Learning Management System (LMS) using on-demand video and a "flipped, hybrid classroom" model, so students can get direct access to the course creators for Q & A. And resume the content on any schedule from intensive to slow.

Our programs are for aspiring entrepreneurs, existing CEOs and management teams responsible for new products and company launches.

You can call (619) SCALE06 or email for a complementary strategic consultation.

Many of our teachings are collected from over 1,000 top business books, and many more were created and copyrighted by our founder and available nowhere else. And they will all improve your understanding and chances of success. And also speeds up the growth rate of any company while helping you attract capital investment too. Learn all about the 30 skills required to build a successful business. Or, if you can commit a full week of time and are a seriously committed entrepreneur or CEO, then attend our full CEO Boot Camp certification program. Graduates have said they would be "millions richer", they even said "I solved problems I have been struggling with for years on the plane ride home", and even "Why didn't they teach me this when I paid $200,000 for my Harvard MBA?"

Yes, our experts are available to guide you to choose the best suitable course/coaching for you, and you can Call to us at (619) SCALE06 or you can fill-up the contact form , our support team will communicate with you with in a very short possible time

Free courses you will get access for 1 month, single paid courses the access will be available for 3 months, bundles with 3 or more courses will be for 6 months and full boot camp access will be available for 1 year

We are not an accredited university that offers degrees. We believe the university and education system has fallen behind and not adjusted to the new word of practical, flexible, multimedia, on-demand education to enhance careers and businesses. And we also offer community support and group interaction with other CEOs, Entrepreneurs and C-Level people.

As Elon Musk and others have said, “I do not care about your degrees”. We provide practical, “How to” training that helps people start and grow businesses based on over thirty years of experience as a Serial Entrepreneur and incorporating the ideas, principles and best practices of hundreds of experts, over 1,000 books and a philosophy of life-long learning. Today everyone needs to dedicate some time to growing, and every company needs to support that for all employees too. Or the individual’s skills become obsolete and the companies suffer. Turbocharge your career and business at Entrepreneurship University™, the future of learning.

We offer certifications that are far more practical in today’s world. Instead of spending $100,000+ on an MBA and studying for 1-2 years, you can take our programs and apply them immediately along the lifecycle of your company’s and personal needs.