How Do I Find an Approach Angel Investors?

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Networking is the key strategy. You need to get out there and meet other CEOs, investors and key referral sources at physical events. LinkedIn can be a way to find them, but cold approaches are difficult. I get invitations to invest every week from people I do not know, and I am certain most are not high-quality deals within seconds from their email, deck or type of approach.  Bad English, missing key data, no team background and a hundred other red flags mean an instant rejection. Too many to even send five minutes looking at them when the CEO cannot hit the key points to sell the deal in a few sentences. That is the only thing that will get me to read a deck, unless I want to sell them the help they need to raise funds because I like their idea and think the CEO/Founder has potential.

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Warm interdiction are best. This is best if it is a CEO that made an investor money, introducing you to their past investors. Lawyer, accountants and “finders” will often claim they can get your attention, or a look, but usually their influence over the investor is exaggerated. No investor invests on anyone else’s say so.

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There are also many angel platforms like, and local investment syndicates in many cities like Keiretsu, SWAN and CONNECTpreneur (Rocketpitch) and many others. Google it.

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