The Clash in Styles at Twitter is a Master Class in Management and Organizational Change

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The clash at Twitter is a master class in management styles and a case study in what works and does not work, as well as radical organizational change. As Elon Musk's hard driving style is injected into Twitter's Millennial/woke/snowflake culture, explosive results must be expected. The two extremes in style and the rush to convert one culture into the other has created a circus to watch that has many lessons for all, including Elon. Elon's Asperger's Syndrome prevents him from understanding the needs of the people in the transition - though clearly many cannot make this transition too.

Here is a diagram of "The Science of Management" that shows a valuable high-level cadence to bring structure to management.  Our framework of 6 systems creates a "closed system" that is constantly improving, incorporating the proven ideas and principles curated from over 1,000 books I have read over 30+ years. See

One problem with the art of management is that it is not taught well, even in top MBA programs. Like any "art", not "skill", it must be learned by experience. However, a foundation in key principles is needed too. And some standards which do not exist today.

Management has been evolving since the industrial age, but it also must be adjusted to the culture and industry of any company. And evolve with time and technology. Obviously, principles that work with motivated professionals will not be as effective with call center telemarketers or factory workers on an assembly line.

However, in any case leadership and management need structure and a cadence that repeats and pushes responsibilities down and has institutional feedback loops to improve it in any given company culture (Kaizen, W. Deming). This allows people to be comfortable by setting expectations and clear accountability. MBO/OKR or any good goal setting program has a huge impact alone, with a 56% improvement in value creation.

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