Strategy & Positioning for Competitive Advantage While Reducing Risk - 6 Course Program

Strategy & Positioning for Competitive Advantage While Reducing Risk - 6 Course Program
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Achieve the advantage of strategies coupled with risk reduction to maximize the growth of your business

This collection of courses will help any company to prepare great strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the market to gain a leading position while competing with the competitors.

There are literally thousands of potential permutations of ways to enter a market and strategically position a company and product for any given value proposition.

Start with at least seven variables you may remember your high school math says 7 factorial equals 5,040 possible combinations. These dimensions include pricing, target market, distribution strategy, feature set included, sales strategy and market positioning. Together these constitute the business strategy and business model. Most people copy other people’s models instead of designing the ideal one for their business. That is one reason so many businesses fail.

It is a portion of The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp that is focused on strategy, positioning, intellectual property, business model design, innovation and risk reduction. It will help create barriers to entry that can be maintained long-term and can double a company's value or even 10X it as shown in examples of the higher price to earnings multiples companies that implement these strategies will get in public markets.

These six courses will help any company turn into a market leader when implemented properly:
1. Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) and Differentiation
2. Competitive Intelligence - What Many Fail to Do at Their Peril
3. Innovation and Disruption to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage
4. Risk Landscape Mapping - How to Adjust Your Business Model to Eliminate Most Risk
5. Competitive Strategy & Positioning to Differentiate & Dominate Your Niche
6. Business Model Design – There are Hundreds of Business Models for Every Product. How do You Select the Best

    There may be ten business models from thousands of choices that can make your company successful. This bundle will teach you how to select the best ones with the most upside and the least risk, using the tools that top Management Consultants and strategy experts use.

    This program was created by our founder, Bob Norton, who grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales and generate tens of billions in sales. He  has also raised over $40 million in early-stage capital from venture capitalists and other investors. And has also returned over a billion dollars in profits to his investors during his career as a Serial Entrepreneur.

    All of our programs and courses are practical "how to" material from someone who has been there and done that. It is not theoretical or academic, but from decades of experience and real-world wisdom gained in the trenches. And they include checklists, roadmaps and tools you will use for your entire career to be more successful. 

    Don't miss this opportunity to create higher barriers to entry around your business that will also generate faster growth and higher profits.

    Bob Norotn

    About Your Instructor, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert in Starting and Growing Companies

    • As a CEO since 1989 Mr.Norton has grown two startups to over $100M in sales within five years and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors
    • CEO Coach and Adviser since 2002. Independent Director. Specialist in scaling.
    • Grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales in 5 years and 3 years
    • Founded six companies with four exits totaling over $1 billion in profits to investors. Two others still growing.
    • Author of four books including: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, "The Father of Leadership"
    • Over 125 published articles and 360+ training videos
    • Creator of The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camps that have run since 2004 and graduated thousands of CEOs and executives from over 40 countries
    • Creator of AirTight Management, the world's first modular Management Operating System (MOS) to prepare companies to scale smoothly