Competitive Intelligence - What Many Fail to Do at Their Peril

Competitive Intelligence - What Many Fail to Do at Their Peril
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Learn What You Need To Know and How to Find It Out

No company can be successful without understanding the competitive landscape. Positioning, pricing, differentiation and where competitors are selling, how and why. There are many techniques to gather this information that professionals use. 

This course explores all the different methods to perform competitive intelligence, counterintelligence, and research sources. Understanding your competitors and the market is a key skill every company needs.

All companies need to have at least an informal competitive intelligence program to be proactive and not be surprised by announcements that could leave their company behind.

If you are raising capital, one question from any potential investor about a known competitor that you are not aware of can kill an investment opportunity. And more importantly CI and market research are needed to ensure that you are properly differentiated, not just on market entry, but for years to come as your company evolves and grows using a long-term strategy. 

Differentiation is the key criteria for success from which all good things flow including market power, pricing/margins, lower marketing and customer acquisition costs and lower sales costs too.  When you understand the competition, you're targeting and messaging to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will be more clear and effective in all sales and marketing. 

Research shows that most ventures trying to raise money fail because they do not understand their market well enough. It is critical to identity a unique, niche target market of your optimum customers, which is different from competitors, and/or offer a different solution. There can be a dozen or more dimensions on which to differentiate. And to understand how to position a company. This is only possible by studying the competitive landscape to understand many dimensions of the market, and present them visually to staff, investors and other stakeholders.

This course will greatly enhance your company's ability to differentiate and create sustainable competitive advantage, while avoiding direct competition with larger players. Any smaller company must be completely differentiated and have a plan to maintain that differentiation so that they are not crushed by larger companies who can't literally spend 100 times more on marketing than they can afford. Also see our courses on positioning, strategy and market research. 

This course was created by our founder, Bob Norton, who has raised over $40 million in early-stage capital from many sources and categories. And has also returned over a billion dollars in profits to his investors during his 30-year career as a serial entrepreneur. Like all of our courses and material from The CEO and Entrepreneur Boot Camp (, it is very practical and how to from someone who has been there and done that. It is not theoretical or academic, but from decades of experience and real-world wisdom gained in the trenches.

You can take this course at any speed and will have access for a long time. It will also provide you with many tools and checklists, including free, bonus legal documents that could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees by starting with these templates.

All of our courses come with a limited 100% money-back guarantee. And are our jam packed with practical information that can literally make or save you millions of dollars in a few years or even hundreds of millions over your career or building a significant company.

If you decide to upgrade to the full CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp 50% of past purchases will be applied on request. 

Bob Norotn

About Your Instructor, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert in Starting and Growing Companies

  • As a CEO since 1989 Mr.Norton has grown two startups to over $100M in sales within five years and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors
  • CEO Coach and Adviser since 2002. Independent Director. Specialist in scaling.
  • Grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales in 5 years and 3 years
  • Founded six companies with four exits totaling over $1 billion in profits to investors. Two others still growing.
  • Author of four books including: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, "The Father of Leadership"
  • Over 125 published articles and 360+ training videos
  • Creator of The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camps that have run since 2004 and graduated thousands of CEOs and executives from over 40 countries
  • Creator of AirTight Management, the world's first modular Management Operating System (MOS) to prepare companies to scale smoothly