Detailed Comparison of Our Professional Certification Programs

Prepare to Grow – 12 Week Certification Programs that Transform Careers and Companies

All our certification programs were designed and created by our founder and CEO, Bob Norton, who has been a Serial Entrepreneur since 1989 and has generated many billions in product sales and profits for his investors.  They all come from real-world experience, not academic theory. And they are all filled with tools, tips and “How to” checklists to help you succeed.

Each Certification Program is designed for a particular career path, with The CEO Boot Camp and Master of Business Acceleration Certification Program being for CEOs. Students who take any Certification Program can use those course credits in other programs and get a discount for tuition paid in others within one year of completion.

Generally, a CEO or Founder would benefit from our Master of Business Acceleration™  Certification Program. However, not everyone can take the time and often co-founders can be trusted to handle other areas of the business well from their complementary experience

Course Title/Description CEO Boot Camp Management Marketing Strategy Growth & Scaling Master in Business Acceleration
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Recommended For: Founders, CEOs, Prospective Founders All Management CMO, VP of Marketing, Market Directors CEOs, Founders, VP of Strategy, Product Managers, Consultants, coaches. All managers, Directors and VPs in charge of a business department CEOs, Founder, Co-Founders, Board of Director members
How to Take this Course Using Learning Science
The Corporate Vision - The 11 Requirements and Why Visions Work
Eight Psychology Principles that Can Kill
that CEOs & Hiring Managers Must Understand
Market Research for 100% Successful Market Entry Elective
Competitive Intelligence -
What Many Fail to Do at Their Peril
Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Marketing
Fundamentals and Models
Market Entry Strategy Versus Go To Market - You Need Both Elective
Branding - Leveraging 10 Million Years
of Evolution & Emotion
Designing Your Brand - Full Process & Roadmap and Examples Elective
Apple Case Study - The 44-Year Path
and Evolution to a $1 Trillion Company
Elective Elective
Competitive Strategy & Positioning to
Differentiate & Dominate Your Niche
Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) and Differentiation
Risk Landscape Mapping - How to Adjust
Your Business Model to Eliminate Most Risk
Business Model Design - Optimizing for Growth & Profit
Product Development, Innovation and Disruption
Product and Service Development -
Getting 10X Productivity & Innovation for Less Money
Innovation and Disruption to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage Elective
Intellectual Property - Traps and Tips - Protecting your Business via SCA Elective Elective Elective
Trade Secrets, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights,
NDAs and Legal Issues
Hiring & Building Your Management Team -
The Skill Set Matrix(TM)
Personality Testing And Interviewing to Improve
Match, Tenure and Culture
Your Finance Infrastructure and Systems Needed
Using Professional Services - Lawyers,
Consultants and Accountants Oh-My
Elective Elective
Management & Scaling Related
OKR & MBO For 56% More Value
Creation and High Performance
The Five Stages of Corporate Development Model
The Strategic Planning Process Roadmap
Dashboards 101 - The Basics
Dashboards 201 - For Managers Elective
Dashboards 301 - For CEO & C-Level Executives Elective
Operations and Customer Services
Best Practices (old DVD live event recording)
The 5-Styles of Management Every CEO Must Use and Coach On
The Top 10 Challenges of Scaling a Business
How to Raise Millions for Any Company -
Foundational Requirements
Raising Capital From Angels -
To be recorded as Live Webinar
Raising Capital From Institutions Like
VCs and Corporations - Live Webinar Part 2 or 3
Elective Elective
Your Finance Strategy and Raising Capital
from Angels, VCs and 48 Other Sources
Total Courses Required: 14 12 11 11 15 26
Choice of Electives: 6 4 2 4 2 6
Elective Courses Required: 2 1 1 2 1 3
Your employer may reimburse your tuition 100% of partially. If not it is generally tax deductible.
Price: $2,995 $699 $599 $699 $799 $12,995
Details & Registration:
Estimated course hours including Q & A and Group Coaching time: 16 24 22 22 30 52
Recommended Completion time (weeks): 12 12 12 12 12 50
Total Weekly Online webinar Sessions (60-90 minutes): 12 12 12 12 12 40