Take the Cap Off Your Income and Personal Potential to Earn $100K, $200K, Even $300,000+ Annually as a Manager, VP or C-Level Executive.

Learn the most valuable skills that even most professional managers do not know. Start your journey today and complete your Professional Manager Certification(TM) (PMC) in only 12-weeks.

There are hundreds of proven best practices of management that apply in every industry to create a high-performance culture. Using these builds successful companies and careers. Managers with these skills and experience are the best-paid people because they create more value and productivity leveraging teams. This Professional Certification Program (PCP) will allow you to advance both your career and company in these many ways:

  1. Get a higher salary and more responsibility with many better career options. Management skills open doors to many future opportunities. The average total pay for a Professional Manager is $79,192 per year in the United States area, with an average base salary of $57,118 per year. And many make $200,000+.

  2. Move up the corporate ladder faster in any company and gain more respect from your team and superiors

  3. Learn techniques that have been shown to improve value creation by 56% creating both higher productivity and stronger morale

  4. Create a more innovative culture without being a slave driver which reduces productivity and gets managers fired

  5. Prepare to run a larger group or division of a company, or start your own company in the future

  6. Gain the admiration of your superiors through professionalism and move up, or into management if you are not yet a Manager. Prepare your career and skills to move into the executive suite and positions like Vice President, President, COO, GM or CEO’s corner office.

  7. Put the professional designation "PMC" in your email signature after your name (graphic provided), hang your diploma on your office wall. And be prepared to lead others by coaching them up, which opens the top leadership opportunities at the C-Level. Leaders grow others.

This 12-week, online Professional Certification is a practical foundation in Management Science that is 100% guaranteed to make you a better manager and leader. And will also help you get the most from your employees while creating a more professional, fun and high-performance culture.

Who is this Professional Manager Certification(TM) for?

This Certification Program is recommended for current and prospective:

  1. Managers
  2. Directors
  3. Vice Presidents with less than 5 year's experience managing 5+ people
  4. Supervisors
  5. Anyone wishing to run projects, products or companies in the future

Who is eligible?

Because this is a practical course for existing and potential managers, there are no GMAT test, previous academic requirements, experience requirements or tests to pass. All that is required is a commitment to do the work to take the cap off your career and business. You must speak good English and have at least a high school education or equivalent. You can call (619) SCALE06 9am - 6pm CT with any questions or to register.

Note: Employers will often reimburse 100% of tuition and when they do not it is usually tax deductible as a business or career advancement expense.

Our programs and Founder have been featured on major media for over two decades and you can see video testimonials below.

Accelerate Your Career & Business Today


  • All courses are delivered online via a Learning Management System (LMS) with video lectures, handouts, quizzes, and downable slides and tools you can use for your entire career.
  • Online learning allows you to do the work at any time on your schedule from anywhere
  • This Certification Program can be completed in 12-weeks and be started immediately, at any time, as the order of courses is not critical.
  • Although the program can easily be completed in twelve weeks you get access for as long as you like and can take at any speed you like


  • Group discussions and instructor-led Q & A are available weekly
  • Community networking in break-out groups with other students.
  • Opportunities for case studies and hot seats to focus on individual problems and questions are also available.
  • And an optional group capstone project can be completed individually or by a team
  • All sessions are recorded and available later if you cannot make a session


  • Frameable diploma upon graduation that show everyone your accomplishment
  • Certifications can be listed on your resume, verified by calling us and used to get promotions by showing your ability to grow into senior management and executive positions. You will also get a graphic link that can be added to your email signature. 

  • Certificate requires a passing grade.

  • Collect multiple certificates and apply course credits and previous tuition to our more advanced CEO Boot Camps or Master of Business Acceleration (MBA), full-year, Certification Programs.

We guarantee results, not just activities. If you complete this Certification, we guarantee your career will change forever. Likely seeing a thirty percent increase in income within a year. Or your money back. You must graduate to be eligible for this full refund.

Do you feel you have the potential to be more? Underpaid? Unappreciated?

The management career path takes the cap off your earnings as a professional and prepares you to run teams, departments, divisions and entire companies.  The management path is not for everyone, but it is a way to achieve much greater things. You can build a tiny house on your own but not a skyscraper. Achieving larger visions requires that you recruit, organize, manage, and get people to work together as a productive team. Nothing world-changing is ever done by an individual alone.  To have a substantial impact, change the world and even achieve some wealth you must acquire strong people and management skills. There are almost no exceptions. 

If you feel you are unappreciated at work, can do bigger things, take more responsibility and maybe even do a better job than your past superiors you need to develop the skills that allow you to move up, accomplish more and earn more.

Watch Video Testimonials From Our Past Graduates

Quotes from past graduates of our programs:

"This program opened my eyes to many things I do not have a solid understanding about and confirmed much of what I am doing right." -- Terry A. CEO PBYCALL

"I will definitely use the tools that I learned from this CEO bootcamp to progress my business. This is an exceptional program, and I would like to recommend this program to those who want to do sensationally in their life." - CEO, Nigeria

"Anyone who wants to learn how to ignite spark in their business and get some new ideas and think a little more out of the box I would recommend this to them." - Lisa, CEO Medical Device company

"This program is very worthwhile and the amount of money I paid seems to me underpay compared with the amount of information I received. After attending the first day I called the other executives mentioning the importance and invited them to join."  John, General Manager technology company

"The business concepts explained in this program was very clear and also I learned how to transform listed business to mature business after having a great session with Bob" -  CEO

"Very helpful information – my exact purpose was to learn about the things I didn’t know I didn’t know. So this was right on." -- Greg S., President

"I must congratulate you on your excellent course "The 11 Requirements of a Successful Vision".   I am a CEO of a midsized company with an MBA in marketing.  So far, I have not come across so much clarity in any other course on "Corporate Vision. . . . Thank you once again for creating a masterpiece."    --  Uday S Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd

"If I had these models years ago I would be many millions of dollar richer." -- Michael K. CEO of PC Security Software Company

Watch the above video for many more amazing tesimonials. 

Over the last two decades, we have collected and synthesized all the best ideas and systems for managers from over 1,000 books and hundreds of business gurus like Peter Drucker, The Father of Management, Jim Collins, author of several classic business texts like Good to Great and Great by Choice, Michael Porter “The Father of Business Strategy” and hundreds more. This program is like getting the cliff notes on a hundred books and can change the course of your career or business.

This Professional Manager Certification covers Management Science which has been developed and researched over seven decades and evolved with technology and society.  We have found no universities, even MBA programs, which teach all these skills.  Management is an art that must be practiced. However, the foundational knowledge and models required to do well is needed first.  Management requires an understanding of people’s motivations, abilities, and psychology. 

Successful managers attract and keep the best people, building their own careers by generating superior results for their company.  Managers must gain the respect of their staff and not be dictatorial, because that creates an “Us versus them” mentality and culture.  We will show you how.  True leadership is when people will want to follow you due to respect and trust.  Not feel they must follow you because of your title and authority. 

Successful managers attract and keep the best people, building their own careers by generating superior results for their company. Managers must gain the respect of their staff and not be dictatorial, because that creates an “Us versus them” mentality and culture. We will show you how. True leadership, an advanced style of management, means that people will want to follow you due to respect and trust. Not feel they must follow you because of your title and authority. People will go through fire for managers they respect and often punch out at 5:00 pm on the dot for managers they do not respect.

You will learn how to “run a department or business “by the numbers” and get better results while having happier employees too. And how to create a win-win atmosphere, clarity, and accountability for everyone. This allows you to manage more people and get better results.

In today’s world, it is necessary for any company to attract and keep the best people. And allow them to develop to their potential. This is the #1 priority for all Managers, executives, and even every CEO. Managers must coach people in their abilities.

This professional certification is guaranteed to enhance your career, no matter what career path you want to take. Courses are broken into 10 to 20 minutes modules or segments.

About Your Instructor, Robert Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert and Speaker on entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership

  • Mr. Norton has been a CEO since 1989 and a professional manager since 1984
  • He has been a CEO Coach and trusted Adviser to hundreds of clients since 2002
  • He grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales in 5 years and 3 years and has hired and managed many hundreds of employees and contractors
  • He has sold four companies (exits) totaling over $1 billion in profits to his investors. Two others are still growing.
  • He has authored seven books and eBooks including: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, "The Father of Leadership"
  • He has over 125 published articles and produced 360+ online training videos for Managers, Executives and CEOs since 2011
  • He created The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp in 2004 and has graduated thousands of CEOs and Entrepreneurs from 40+ countries
  • He created AirTight Management in 2011, the world's first modular Management Operating System (MOS) to help companies scale

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