Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail  And How to Avoid Them


This E-Book will also show you how to position your company for success and to raise outside capital. 


      Over 80% of startups and 90% of new products fail!  This eBook will help you be in the top 5% that succeed.  Here is what's inside:


      1. New research reveals the top 20 reasons Entrepreneurs failed.  We will show you how to avoid 18 of these.  The other two are personal. 

      2. The six core reasons (root causes) these companies failed represent over 80% of these failures. 5X your chances of success just by understanding these well.  One happens in about 40% of all companies. 

      3. Learn a proven process to guarantee a new company, or product, the launch is successful almost 100% of the time. The Author has a 100% launch success rate and has helped hundreds of companies start and/or scale.  See his biography below and how he returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors. 

      4. Get a list of the skills and expertise you need on your team to launch a startup. You may not know some even exists

      5. The steps to creating a winning pitch deck that can raise millions by getting these things right. And allow you to keep control and sufficient equity to achieve true wealth. 

      6. Why an idea alone is almost worthless and what investors really want to see to invest.  And what actually drives the valuation of your company up. 

      7. Owning a company is one of only two ways to build real wealth in the U.S.  So if you want to get rich you need to learn how to start and run companies. 

      8. Information on how to access and learn to use the 12 Systems and over 100 tools for the success of any new venture. We will also be releasing a free webinar on raising capital from investors shortly. So, get on our email list to have access.  We will never sell or rent your email. 

      Bonus: You will also get a link to our free video course: The Entrepreneur's Journey which reviews the key areas of the business an Entrepreneur must conquer themselves, or with skills on their team, to build a successful company.




      Bob Norton

      Bob Norton,
      Serial Entrepreneur,
      CEO Coach and Adviser,
      Independent Director

      About The Author 

      • Mr. Norton has been a Serial Entrepreneur and had a 100% launch success rate of his companies returning over $1 billion to his investors
      • Author of four books including The Startup Manual and Leadership, Co-Authored with Dr. Warren Bennis, The Father of Leadership
      • He has trained thousands of CEOs and Entrepreneurs at The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp since 2004. No live online.
      • Mr. Norton founded six companies selling four and still running two and helped hundreds launch and scale as an Adviser and CEO Coach
      • He grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales in 5 years and 3 years respectively
      • He is a top Speaker and thought leader in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Management Science having published over 125 articles and studio-produced over 360 training videos
      • In 2009 he created AirTight Management, the world's first modular Management Operating System (MOS) to help companies scale
      • Father of two, Angel Investor, Philanthropist, Pilot, SCUBA Diver and Racing Yacht Captain with many awards